Sherod & Phyllis Miller, PhDs, Co-Developers

COUPLE COMMUNICATION (CC) I teaches you and your partner practical skills for communicating more effectively and collaboratively about important issues in your lives. Course offered in group or privately by certified instructors. Receive a couple-packet of practical tools to speed learning and enhance skill application, as you build a stronger, more satisfying relationship. (Ask your instructor about taking ThriveSphere, the optional online Collaborative Marriage Inventory, beforehand to identify your strengths and set learning goals.)  700,000+ couples worldwide have taken this well-researched CC program, co-developed by Sherod Miller, PhD, at the University of Minnesota. Visit the website for additional workshops and for information about Instructor Training. 


Cities and Dates for Couple Communication workshops:
Charleston, South Carolina departure beginning on October 16   

4 Thu format
Wheaton, Illinois beginning on Feb 5, May 7

Fri and Sat format
Chico, California beginning on Nov14
Rockford, Illinois beginning on Oct 24

2 Sat format
Scottsdale, Arizona beginning on Nov 8, Feb 21, May 9
Fort Wayne, Indiana beginning on Nov 15

Sugar Land, Texas beginning  on Oct 17, Feb 20, Apr 24, Jul 24, Sep 18
4 Sat format (meets mornings)
Wheaton Illinois beginning on Feb 7, May 2

Interpersonal Communication Programs, Inc (ICP)
Evergreen, Colorado

This is the program headquarters.

This program provides certification.