PAIRS in Northern Virginia (VA),Washington DC, Maryland (MD) - Chuck & Ellen Purcell

Chuck & Ellen Purcell, PAIRS Master Teacher

This internationally renowned program for couples enhances
emotional literacy and cuts through the mystery of how to be in a relationship.
PAIRS’ challenging and enjoyable format teaches dozens of practical,
effective skills to enrich your life. The curriculum includes: Communication Skills,
Conflict Resolution, Sensuality & Sexuality, Transitions & Goal Setting,
Bonding/Intimacy Skills and Self Awareness to Identify Hidden Expectations
and Avoid Relationship Pitfalls. Introductory Workshops and Information available.


2017 dates:  

PAIRS Pre-Marital and PAIRS Classics 4-hour workshop dates:
March 19, April 23, July 16, September 10, November 12

Riding Relationship Cycles and PAIRS Intro 4-hour workshop:
June 11, October 1

PAIRS Relationship Mastery Program workshop series (7  weekends):
Starting Nov. 3 - 5, then one weekend each month through May 

Ellen Purcell